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FFM's Distinctives

As a Fellowship, the aim is to encourage prayer for all Muslims everywhere, including prayer support for Christian workers in the Muslim world. We are not a sending society, even though some members are working among Muslims, or have done so.

The Fellowship of Faith believes in God's promise that every people group (from every nation, and tribe and language) will be found in His Kingdom. That by His power, God is breaking down the walls. We believe that God calls us to be a part of this work by showing love to Muslims, through prayer, and sacrificial service.

We are a Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims and not against them.

We seek to love Muslims in love, and to share the Good News of Christ and to demonstrate his compassion through medicine, teaching, etc.

We are ready to pray for those in authority, including Muslim rulers, and to encourage churches and Christians to support mission amongst Muslims.

We are a Fellowship of Faith for the Muslims, as it is Muslim people we have a heart for, not the beliefs and practices that they have inherited or embraced.

It is our prayer that one day all Muslims will be free to know the love and glory of God, as demonstrated through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

The Fellowship is administered by a management committee, most of whom have other work. What they do for FFM is on a part-time unpaid basis. They have experience of work among Muslims and serve voluntarily.